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Alex Muriithi

A Data Analyst & Developer

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Data Analyst & Developer

With a robust academic background in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Data Science, coupled with a strong professional background in data analysis and software development, I bring a unique blend of analytical, mathematical, and technical skills to any project.
My passion for transforming raw data into meaningful insights and creating efficient, high-quality software is complemented by my deep understanding of mathematical principles and statistical methods. This combination of skills allows me to provide comprehensive data-driven solutions that help businesses optimize their operations and make informed decisions.

My Services

Web Development

I develop responsive websites and web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

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Data Analysis

I do anlysis and visualization using R, SPSS, STATA . I will give a full report on the output

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Using Tableau and Power BI, I craft dashboards that make complex information clear and actionable

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